Project Description

The Gospel of the Holocaust

The Gospel of the Holocaust is actually two messages in one because the same experience of suffering that was enacted by a singular Jew in the early first century has been duplicated by six million Jews in the modern 20th century. To tell of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, in a careful step by step procedure, in a very definite fashion would also, surprisingly, be telling the story of the suffering and death of six million Jews in the 20th century. Amazing as it may seem, we can now realize that the Jewish people suffered and died in nearly identical circumstances and stages. To put it another way, were the Jewish historians and witnesses today to tell of the ordeal of the recent Holocaust, it would actually be surprisingly similar to the story told by Jewish historians and witnesses of the holocaust of Jesus Christ as recorded some 2000 years ago. Yes, the account of the recent Holocaust, written with the Jews’ own blood and ashes upon the scroll of their experiences, is now realized to be more than remarkably parallel to the story of the holocaust of Jesus of Nazareth in the early first century. Today, all the nations of the world involved in the Holocaust of the Jews stubbornly refuse to really acknowledge, or even come to grips with, their guilt and participation in civilization’s most heinous crime. Actually, true repentance by the nations would bring social cleansing and moral deliverance. In a similar manner, the Jewish people themselves have yet to realize and acknowledge their own national participation in the rejection and death of their Messiah. Of course, the Bible says that one day soon they will—Genesis 45:1-4 and Zechariah 12:10-13:1.

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