Project Description

Israel Betrayed

The first volume written by Andrew D. Robinson deals with the history of replacement theology. For decades, I have strongly felt that the rise of replacement theology—which later led to covenant theology (Calvinistic replacementism) and Lutheranism (Arminian replacementism)—was not derived by an honest exegesis of the biblical text but was built on the foundations of anti-Semitism. I have seen this truth in scattered references but did not have the time to gather all the evidence. I have often encouraged seminary students, who were looking for topics for their dissertations, to pursue it, but none ever did. Pastor Robinson has accomplished this task, and I will be forever grateful for his contribution to the body of the Messiah. He was promoted to heaven not long after he put his work together, and we can praise the Lord that Andrew left us such an important and valuable work.

Robinson’s research begins with the early church fathers and moves through history to the present, quoting what leaders of the church have said about the Jews. His findings show that anti-Semitism was and is not limited to Roman Catholicism, but includes the Eastern Orthodox Church and the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. Augustine, whose influence moved the church from pre-millennialism to amillennialism, derived his theology from his anti-Semitism, which could not permit a future kingdom with Israel’s restoration. Therefore, I call replacement theology “theological anti-Semitism.”

The book is long but well worth the effort to read. It prepares the believer for the spiritual battle that is fought over Israel and the Jewish people.

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M, Ph.D.

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