Living To Serve Him

Hosts Stacy and Randall Harp bring a Biblical perspective to current events, culture and more with guests including authors, evangelists, film makers, missionaries, musicians, pastors and politicians. Monday through Thursday broadcasts offer fascinating guests and/or commentary, while Fridays are dubbed “Free For All Friday” when the Harps talk about whatever comes to mind.  Essential to every broadcast are the the viewers, who share there thoughts through live comments or on any of the Bible News Radio channels on social media.


Bible News Radio Host

Stacy has appeared on the Fox News television show Dayside, as well as numerous radio programs nationally and internationally, discussing issues pertaining to the family, sexuality, social media, Christian persecution and Internet related issues.

Stacy earned a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University of Southern California, and is a gifted therapist and coach. Stacy has spoken at various academic and professional conferences concerning Internet safety issues and the topic of homosexuality.  She has been described as someone who has a firm grasp on the issues and communicates passionately but with humor.


Bible News Radio Co-Host

Although he began college as a music major, Randall eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. While he earned a living in information technology as a Unix system administrator and as a software developer, computers opened up the world of desktop music, video and audio production, as well as enhanced Bible study.

Randall has composed the musical scores for award-winning films, and has taught and preached in several lay-ministry settings. He co-hosts and engineers the Bible News Radio programs.