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Review: Wake Up Light from Philips – Wake Up Refreshed and Ready To Take On the Day!

image001-1-2  A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to review this brand new light from Philips called the Philips Wake-Up Light  in exchange for my review and thoughts on the product.

First, I have to say that I was actually a little skeptical of this product because it seemed like an odd concept to me. This is why I decided to take the challenge and actually see if it really does what the advertising suggests.

The advertising suggests that a combination of light therapy and sound will actually make you wake up and feel more refreshed and I have to say that this has been my experience.  I LOVE this product and think everyone should get one, especially if you have a hard time falling asleep and don’t like to be awakened abruptly by sudden light.

In fact, one of the coolest functions of this Philips Wake-Up Light is that it allows you to set the light to dim at night so you can gradually allow your body to get used to the night time and then it has some really cool sound effects that are tied into the morning awakening cycles that you can choose.

I actually love the nature sounds that they have as an option and I do feel more refreshed and relaxed in the morning.  I feel more at peace and calmer too.

Here are some of the highlighted features of this product:

Coloured Sunrise Simulation wakes you naturally

Choice of 5 different natural wake up sounds

FM radio lets you wake up with your favorite radio show

Display automatically dims itself when the bedroom gets dark

Just tap the product to snooze

The only Wake-up Light clinically proven to work

Developed by Philips, experts in light for over 100 years.

Dimming light and sound gently send you off to sleep

92% of users agree that it is easier to get out of bed

20 brightness settings to fit your personal preference

image002-1  I would also like to add that not only do I love the product and am awakened more refreshed in the morning, but my husband is also.  We both love this product.

You can learn more by visiting  the Philips website.  If you want to bless someone with an awesome Christmas present or just a gift because you love them, this is a great product to give!

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