Guest: Tommie Norman – An Amazing Testimony of Healing

Ordained Minister, Evangelist, Bible Teacher, Mentor, Speaker, Host of daily show ‘BE HEALED’  I help you Possess your Power, Live in Purpose and create a Legacy of Faith for the next generation.

Tommie Norman, spirit filled evangelist and founder  of Tommie Norman Ministries grew up in southern Michigan in a family were there

was plenty of love, but  very little knowledge of God.  Early in her parent’s marriage alcohol began to take it’s toll, and over time ,Tommie’s father became an alcoholic.  Although the family remained intact, the pain of his addiction and the devastation it caused in the home was great.  As a teenager, Tommie began to experiment with both alcohol and drugs and quickly found herself caught in the same bondage of addiction as her father.  There seemed to be no way out of the darkness and hopelessness that overwhelmed their lives.  Little did they

know that at this their darkest hour God was about to break in!   Visit Tommie’s website at 


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