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  • I Can’t Repent! & Obama Rebukes Christians & Florist Receives Over $132,000

    Today Stacy is looking at the headlines of the day. In this episode you’ll hear a short 11 minute message from Dr. E.A. Johnston called “I Can’t Repent” and then we’ll share with you audio from President Obama at the Easter breakfast and refresh your memory by playin...

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  • Bible Study in Romans 3 – No One is Righteous

    Randall and Stacy Harp continue our bible study in the book of Romans. Today we’re looking at Romans chapter 3 where we see the differences between God’s righteousness and the righteousness of mankind. Check Out Christianity Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Bible News Radio on BlogTal...

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  • Free for All Friday: Good Friday Edition with Guest Scott Huckaby

    On this special edition of Free for All Friday, Good Friday edition – we have a special cohost with us today. Our cohost is Scott Huckaby. Here’s his biography: Scott Huckaby became a Christian upon discovering that Bible prophecy made sense of the surprising end of the Cold War in 19...

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  • Ex Gay Christian Alan Chambers Calls Former Colleagues ‘Reprehensible’

    Today we are going to share with you some comments from 43 year old, Alan Chambers, the former President of the now dismantled Exodus International. He recently gave an interview with homosexual, Jeff Chu, from a group called Level Ground. Also, Robert Schuller has died and Mike Pence has caved t...

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  • Spy Wednesday & Numerous Religious Freedom Bills Under Attack

    On this April 1st edition of Bible News Radio, Stacy looks at some of the headlines of the day concerning the numerous religious freedom bills that are under heavy attack, as well as some interesting history about Spy Wednesday. Check Out Christianity Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Bible News R...

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  • Celebrate The Lovelady Center During Easter & Holy Week with Brenda Spahn

    Today we are blessed to have back as our guest, Brenda Lovelady Spahn, who joins us with an update from The Lovelady Center and will share with us what is happening at the Lovelady Center during this special Holy Week leading up to Easter. Visit Check Out Religion Po...

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