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  • Write Pastor Saeed a Christmas Card

    Join thousands of others in sending a Christmas card to Pastor Saeed. You can see all of this information HERE also. Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, since September 2012. Practically without representation, the Iranian government sentenced...

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  • Bible Study in Judges 9:26 Abimelech Sows the City with Salt & His Death

    In this show we pick up in our study at Judges [9:26] and will finish the chapter. This is a very interesting chapter because we see more about Abimelech and his victories and then we see his cowardly death. We also see the people follow after him, instead of the Lord and we see the […]

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  • Free for All Friday: Is Christmas Really Pagan & Should Christians Celebrate It

    Hot topics today on Free for All Friday! We’ll recap the week and then start our discussion by asking if Christmas is pagan and whether or not Christians should celebrate it. Call us and weigh in with your thoughts. 714.202.9923 Be sure to check out our bookstore. We just added a lot of new...

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  • A Talk from the Heart to Offer Encouragement During Hard Times

    Enjoy! Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Bible News Radio on BlogTalkRadio

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  • Three Battles Every Christian Must Face

    Today we are going to share with you a powerful message from Dr. E.A. Johnston called 3 Battles Every Christian Must Face. We also have the latest with Pastor Saeed, Terry Bean and a little bit more. Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Bible News Radio on BlogTalkRadio

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  • Guest: Tami Weissert – Getting More from God’s Word

    Reading God’s word doesn’t have to be a dry,one-way street where we sit and try to concentrate on dusty words in a book. The Bible is alive, and active, and sharper than a two-edged sword! Off the Page and Into Your Life will help readers cut through the clutter and connect with Chris...

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  • Bible Study in Judges 9: A Conspiracy + News Headlines

    Today we continue our wonderful journey of bible study in Judges chapter 9 where we are going to read about a CONSPIRACY. Curious? Hope you tune in for the whole study, because it’s going to be great. We’ll also be looking at a few headlines of the day. Check Out Religion Podcasts at ...

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  • Sunday Sermon: Well, That’s a Deep Subject (Genesis 26)

    Author and teacher Randall K. Harp delivers verse-by-verse study and commentary on the Word of God. In this continuing journey through the book of Genesis, Randall contemplates the failures and successes of Yitzhak (Isaac), the contentions over water rights and the envy of the Philistines. Check ...

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