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  • Headlines of the Day! Israel Upset; CIA Spying; 9 ExGays Recant & More

    Thank you for listening to our program today! Discover Religion Internet Radio with Bible News Radio on BlogTalkRadio News mentioned on the show: Meriam heads for new life in America: Mother put on death row in Sudan for marrying a Christian leaves Rome for Philadelphia with the Pope’s bles...

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  • The Underground Church in America

    Today we are going to air another short revival message from Dr. E.A. Johnston from Ambassadors for Christ International. The title of this short message is The Underground Church in America. The 4 points of this message are: The great apostasy The coming legal battle with homosexual rights The f...

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  • Former Lesbian & Anti-Gay Activist Betrays Christ & Other News

      Today we have a very sad story to share with you concerning a former spokeswoman for  Concerned Women for America, The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family  and of  course, Exodus  International. Former lesbian, who now admits she’s essentially bisexual, “comes out” an...

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  • Bible News Radio News & Bible Study in Philippians 3

    Today on Bible News Radio we continued our bible study in the book of Philippians chapter 3. Randall began the bible study at about the 30 minute mark in the show, and we shared some news at the top of the show. Click here to listen to the show. News Stacy shared:  Prophecy in the […]

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  • The 13th Enumeration with William Struse

    Today we are rebroadcasting one of our most fascinating interviews. This was the first interview we did with new author, William Struse, who has a great website and ministry. His book The 13th Enumeration was the topic of the show. Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Bible News Ra...

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  • Darwin’s Doubt with Dr. Stephen Meyer

    In this episode of Bible News Radio, we replayed a great interview we did with Dr. Stephen Meyer from The Discovery Institute. Enjoy the show. New Religion Podcasts with Bible News Radio on BlogTalkRadio

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  • Judge Says Incest May No Longer Be Taboo & Will Obama Be Impeached?

    Listen To Religion Internet Radio Stations with Bible News Radio on BlogTalkRadio Here are the few articles we read on the show today: We read all of Galatians chapter 5, Titus [2:14], 1 John 3:4, 2 Thess. 2:7, 2 Cor. [6:14] CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORES NEXT ‘GAY’-MARRIAGE BATTLEGROUND Austra...

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  • O.T. Prophet Jonah’s Tomb Destroyed and Israel & Middle East Suffer Attacks

    Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Bible News Radio on BlogTalkRadio Here are the news items we discussed on the program today. Comic by Dana Summers – note that she or he? (not sure if Dana is a man or a woman) has Israel go for the fight first. That says something […]

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  • Hear the Audio of Rick Warren Saying He’s In for Jail Time

    Pastor Rick Warren says he’s willing to go to jail for his faith in Christ.

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  • Rick Warren Will Go to Jail

    On Bible News Radio today we shared some highlights from a panel The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission held in June. Full video here. We started the show with a bible reading from Acts 26, which is where Paul shares his testimony before the King. Click here to read Acts 26. Some of the news...

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